Review – Angry Birds 2 – Birds is back in business

Review - Angry Birds 2 for ipad

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Not so long ago Rovio mentioned that prepares for an exit new game from the Angry Birds series. This news was interesting to that this time developers didn’t begin to think out any new image or type of game in which it would be possible to push birds. Instead developers declared that they prepare the sequel for once popular game. Angry Birds 2 was born on July 30 and is already available in App Store at zero cost.

Due to the huge set of games with participation of birds and pigs from Rovio I so often unloaded their products from App Store that before installation of this game I didn’t feel absolutely anything — neither delight, nor an anticipation, there was no hope even that this time I will be though the trifle is glad to game — continuous scepticism and apathy. Nevertheless after game start I was very quickly involved in game process as saw before himself something really very fresh and processed.

Angry Birds 2 for iPad - Game review, screenshots and Download for ipad


The graphic component of game was built to absolutely new level — most likely, only the few had though some claims to Rovio for visual aspect of their games. But Angry Birds 2 became twice more beautiful: absolutely new portrayal of game, new animations, new graphic receptions and ideas — a problem of they are to present to the user new emotions, and it was executed on five with plus.

Angry Birds 2 for iPad - Game review, screenshots and Download for ipad

Angry Birds 2 for iPad - Game review, screenshots and Download for ipad

Something new?

For the rest it isn’t necessary to speak much about game: in the subject plan developers try to involve us again in a conflict peripetia where the dissatisfied party didn’t count three eggs, and the offender tries to be on the lam meanwhile as it is possible further from epicenter of events. The feathery brotherhood too kept the former structure unless the red bird by the name of Red received the superability — after start, by repeated pressing, it makes the powerful impulse capable to get moving forward even stone blocks. New bonuses were also added to game, such as gold ducklings who from air fall upon the enemy, the freezing turning all blocks at the level into the ice, a pepper capable to blow up the central object in level and so on.

You pass the first some levels with improbable enthusiasm — constantly interesting to see that else laid up new to you Angry Birds 2. Unfortunately, similar emotions disappear to level so 15-18. There are locations which is almost unreal to pass without use of superabilities which, certainly, either are sometimes won, or are bought in a separate order for exclusive currency. Also levels with bosses look extremely difficult: after you carried all location, and at a fat pig about a half more of health, involuntarily you become despondent.

Angry Birds 2 for iPad - Game review, screenshots and Download for ipad

Angry Birds 2 for iPad - Game review, screenshots and Download for ipad


Game due to sale of crystals which in turn can be spent for purchase of lives is monetized. I couldn’t pass level — minus one life, lives ended — you have three options of actions: it is possible to wait before restoration new (30 minutes for one life), it is possible to buy new lives or to watch the commercial for recovery of one (this function is available not always).

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Angry Birds 2

In general about Angry Birds 2 there were rather ambiguous emotions — on the one hand, everything is very colourful and beautiful, with another — some the rigid imbalance in game very clearly reminding the milking machine.

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