Top 5 Mobile Scanner Apps for iPhone and iPad

Do you want Mobile Scanner?

Today in the App Store are many applications that allow you to scan documents using iOS devices, without the help of specially designed equipment. I decided to choose the five most interesting free and paid programs that will appeal to many users.

Scanner Pro by ReaddleScan ConnectABBYY Fine ScannerPDFScannerFast Scanner

Scanner Pro by Readdle

Let’s start with an application that I use personally. Scanner Pro has a rather nice interface, designed in dark colors. On the main screen, you have access to all documents prepared, which can be sorted by name and date, place folders.

There are two scan modes. In the first case, we photograph the object and immediately proceed to its processing, and the second – do a few shots in a row, then edit the captured images at a time. While focusing the application almost perfectly defines the boundaries of the document.

After the photo is ready, we can choose one of the two filters, change brightness and contrast for the best display. Ready document can be saved in the film, send mail or to a cloud server in JPEG or PDF. Job application does not cause absolutely no complaints

Scan Connect

Getting started with this application, I immediately struck by the lack of automatic determination of the boundaries of the scanned document. Maybe it will work after the picture is ready, I thought, but my guess was wrong. I believe that the absence of such a function is a significant disadvantage.

Edit screen shot made me wonder. Firstly, why this type of application as filters, with no way enhances the quality of the picture? I think that should not be turned into a scanner Instagramm. Second, what is a filter, doing paperwork blurred (blur)? Surely, the user who is going to scan your documents, interested in the definition of the final result, and not to obtain a cloudy picture.

If developers are given the opportunity to apply the blur is not to the entire image at once, but to a specific area, it is my opinion on the Scan Connect changed to a much better way.

ABBYY Fine Scanner

It’s time to mention the free app. One of the main chips Fine Scanner is the ability to automatically select the best shot of the three made by the user. I tested this feature, do not focus a lot of pictures, but make a wrong choice of applications I could not.

The application of sufficient quality crop the image, finding its limits, while maintaining lets you choose a category, and tags, making it easier to search for documents, supports the preservation of the cloud, the gallery and send an e-mail. In short, Fine Scanner – good free solution, there is nothing to add.


As the name implies, this application is able to create documents in PDF, so to maintain in the film have to forget. A nice option is that objects from the main screen, you can simply drag a folder in Dropbox to sync without the need to open the document and select the desired action from the menu.

Developers declared the automatic recognition of the edges of the subject, but in reality it is not working. I tried to make high-quality images, photographed from a different distance, but each time the application is politely requested to crop the image manually.

The program allows you to select different formats for saving (A4, A3, etc.), But if you do not want to receive a flattened image that came out of my guinea check, the amount will have to install yourself.

Fast Scanner

Really great app. The free version of Fast Scanner has the ability to automatically find the edges of an object, adjust the brightness of the resulting document, which can be stored in film or send an e-mail. Download to cloud storage is available only in the paid version.

The main difference between this application of the above – document editing function, with which you can make different notes and labels directly in the document, which I really liked. You can simply sketch unwanted data in a picture, if available.


I hope my article has helped you choose the right application. And what software to scan documents using you?

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