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Although most iOS devices come with inbuilt note taking apps. Third party apps available in HD and retina, however, have defined a new standard in note taking. So you have to visit the app store and find a note taking application that best suits your needs. My best note taking apps for iPad review features something for you. If your needs are focused on around the house note taking, meetings, in class or on the go. There is something for everyone so check out my collection and pick what suits you best.


This is the best and my favorite note taking app for my iPad. I use it to record audio in both meetings and lectures. It features multiple colors, sizes, fonts and styles. It features a wide variety of content in that it can automatically record text around figures, photos and web pages. It is basically a time-saving app in my daily to daily activities. I also love the drop box integration that allows me to upload PDF forms. Notability features fast app switching, google drive sync and Air Print support. It is simply an effective note taker, a fast in and out of app interface and cloud support. I recommend

Developer: Ginger Labs
Price: $7.99*


Available for free download in the app store. Simple note is simply my companion. It lets me write down text, make my lists and features a sync integration between all my devices i.e. the mac, iPhone, and iPad. The app is just simple and very user-friendly. It is also clean and makes it easy for me to sort, read and add notes. It has deep black texts and a clear white background. I particularly love how easy it is to get started with a simple and easy to browse navigation bar. Simple note is simply pure.

Developer: Automattic
Price: Free


I love this app that has more focus on artistic writing. Paper lets me take notes Notes, and still do Photo Annotation including idea sketches for students and diagram drawing in college. It features various input methods that exhilarate real style such as paint brushes, pens and pencil Sketches.Paper works even better in iPad air, iPad pro or IPad mini when coupled with stylus pencil.


A critical addition to my iPad air. The app has unmatchable convenience in regards to service. It syncs my notes across different platforms ranging from my MacBook to android devices. I downloaded the service for free in the app store but has an in premium service which features extra monthly allotment, more file types and more security. One of my favorite features is its ability to add pictures ensuring a rich document. I can basically create a photo using an external image creation app and export the photo for use in Evernote. Evernote also features location information making it possible for me to find notes from a given location. Notes are organized into notebooks and there is no lit on the different notebooks you can create. Evernote app supports background Audio recording and air print. It’s simply awesome.


The iOS interface is entirely touch based. The Penultimate notebook app is designed for writing or drawing using a finger or stylus. I particularly love its wrist detecting technology therefore preventing my wrist from inputting lines. My creations are saved as notebooks and I can send them as PDF documents or emails. The app features a thick, medium, and thin styled pen. The developers featured a variety of ink collection including black, light grey, dark grey, green, red and blue ink. This app is simple cool and is overtime turning to my preferred primary iPad pro app.

Developer: Evernote
Price: Free*

Note Taker HD

Note Taker HD and Penultimate operate on the same principle. They are user action based in that I can hand write on my iPad air screen and then it automatically reduces my writing to a normal size. The only downside I found with this app is the difficulty in writing small. My iOS device screen also fills up quickly by the large handwriting. I however particularly love the video output integration by the developers. I mostly use it in sharing my notes during presentations. Note Taker HD supports Air print and multiplatform sharing. I highly recommend it.

Note Taker HD
Developer: Software Garden
Price: $4.99



Are you familiar with Microsoft OneNote? Do you fancy it? Note shelf is similar to Microsoft One Note. It allows me to create and take individual files in which I upload PDF’s, mark them up and manipulate according to my desired results. It also allows me to type notes, scribble when I want too. The app is also synced with Evernote and can be used across platforms. I recommend it for business, for teachers or anyone whose daily activity involve doodling or note taking.

Price: $8.99*

Super Notes

With a built structure of Notability. Super Notes lets me record audio, take notes, memos and capture photos. The developers did a very good job with the user interface. It is very intuitive. Super Notes has taken me a mile in terms of organization. It particularly incorporates pictures, typed notes and recordings. Super Note features color-coded arrows to guide new byes and is synced to drop box. I recommend it largely for students.

Microsoft OneNote

Available for free in the app store, this is one of the apps ever made for office workers. It is very versatile: it’s very easy for me to add tables, add pictures and hyperlinks to my notes. It also lets me organize my notes into different notebooks. I particularly lobe its accessibility across many platforms including Mac and iOS devices. The downside I faced with Microsoft One Note is the absence of audio recording making it impossible to review my interviews and lectures and make sure everything is written correctly. The app is also not task focused based as it features a lot of formatting options. I however highly recommend it particularly if you are a Microsoft customer, OneDrive cloud system users for document and presentation creation.

The app was not found in the store. :-( #wpappbox

Letter space

Do you take a lot of notes on a daily basis? Put your ideas and thoughts on page with ease and efficiency with no distractions. I love its noise free working space that makes Letter space simple but powerful. The app features a swipe bar that moves the cursor back and forth making it fun to edit text in my iOS device. It also lets me create To-do list, use inline #Hashtags and @mentions anywhere in my notes. Automatically grouping and indexing them together. Letter space is also synced with iClouds so I can access my notes when I need them.

Drafts 4

Its quick, it’s easy and its user friendly. Draft allows me to share and capture text. It’s a text based app that provides a blank new draft for me every time I open it. Drafts lets me create a to-do or jot down notes without having to navigate to create files, navigate to folders and name them just for jotting a note down. Drafts 4 also lets me share a timeline to twitter or post to Facebook. A lot can be said but in a nut shell Drafts 4 is a launch and type (Quick capture). It has an email like archive, inbox, flagging and sync. It features nice themes, landscapes, fonts and much more. Its powerhouse lies in its flexible actions to send texts almost everywhere.


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