Top 7 Best Calendar Apps for iPhone and iPad of 2016

We reviewed and collected for you best calendars for iPhone and iPad. You can try some good calendar applications on iOS devices in 2016!

Fantastical 2
Calendars 5
Calvetica Calendar
Pocket Informant
Agenda Calendar 4
Tempo Smart Calendar

All Events on your iOS Device…

Every iPad model comes with a standard Apple calendar app; but the App Store has more options. These apps have better design interfaces and more advanced features than the standard Apple calendar app. Though the apps in the App Store are quite many, this article explores seven of the best iPad calendar apps. These apps were rated the best, after a series of testing many iPad apps available in the App Store, and using them for several months to gain firsthand experience.

One more thing…

Those are the seven best calendar apps for the iPad. Fantastical 2 is the most preferred calendar app for both the iPad and iPhone. The reasons are obvious after the description above. This app certainly gives you planning services worth much more than the few dollars it costs.
But even with the creative design and reliable features installed in Fantastical 2, some users prefer to use the free calendar apps. In this case, the Sunrise Calendar app is the best option for such a user. This app is free and features a great user interface and synchronization capabilities including linking with social media handles as described above. However, all the seven calendar apps discussed above have great similarities in their functionality and this makes them all ideal for time management and planning your appointments.

To access any of these great iPad calendar apps, simply visit the App Store and download your preferred app. The bottom line is that as much as Apple have had their original calendar app since the first iOS, creative developers are designing better calendar apps to better suit users’ needs.

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  1. Gracias! I was looking for a long time good calendar applications for iOS!) Which are you use?

  2. Author
    Kirill Naumov September 21, 2015

    Hello, Leo!) I prefer Fantastical 2, and use it on all apple devices
    Also I like Sunrise for design:)

  3. TinyKoala September 23, 2015

    Calendars 5 – the best ipad calendar for students! 200%!